11.27.2011 Ustream Web Channel for Garden County Schools

Tech tip for the week of 11.27.2011


As most of you already know we have our own web channel now. We are able to stream anything live, or record it and stream it later. It is a great tool for grandparents or parents that live to far away to attend. Right now we have one channel and it is located at:


Presently our football game has been viewed 180 times, junior high Veteran’s Day program 55 etc. Because this is free there is a 12 second commercial at the beginning of every video. It is very easy to put video on and if you have something coming up in your classroom as far as presentations etc. it would be a great time to try it! I would be glad to come over and help or I am also including the instructions in this email. If you haven’t already done so take a look at the past videos on the channel.  Once it is uploaded you can watch it live or it will be saved on the server and can be viewed anytime.

This can be done with a camcorder running into a macbook……level of difficulty 5

From an iphone or an android phone………………level of difficulty 1

From an ipad or an ipod…………level of difficulty 1


Instructions for putting video on ustream:


When using the macbook download the FREE ustream producer from  http://www.ustream.tv/producer Make sure you get the mac version.

On an ipad or ipod go to the app store and type in ustream and download the app.

On an iphone or android phone go to your market and type in ustream and download the app.

Once downloaded you open the app and choose: the camcorder in the upper right hand corner, it will ask for a username and password, the user name is _________ and the password is _____________. (Email me for username and password as I don't want to make it public)

Once you start recording it goes directly to the web channel!


Let me know if you have any questions!