2013 Tech Tip-Shared Folders

If you would like to create a folder on your computer that students can access, retrieve files from, turn in files, power points, word documents or anything that needs to be shared here are the instructions. You could create a folder for each class. Share pictures or anything. 
On the white teacher computer: ( these aren't the exact instructions for the macbook pro's) I believe to get this to work correcty the teacher and the students have to be on the same wireless. 
1. create the folders you want to share on your desktop
2. apple
3. system preferences
4. sharing
5. Click the + sign
6. Find the folder you are sharing
7. Select it
8. Click the + button under the users and add each student that you want to have access to the folder. If you want them to have full access make sure you change the permissions to read and write, if you only want them to be able to see the folder choose read. 
9. write down the afp://192.168.X.Xx number on a sheet of paper.

1. Go to go
2. type in the afp://192.168.X.XXX address of the teacher computer
3. say connect
4. after it searches for a while select Connect as
5. Student will put in their user name and password that they use to log into their laptop.
6. the folder will be on their desktop. 
7. Drag the shared folder to the student dock next to the trash can and release it. It will always be accessible by clicking on the folder in the dock and typing in their username and password. 


Sheila Litke
Technology Coordinator
Garden County Schools