10.31.2011 Macbook Trouble Shooting

Macbook trouble shooting-

1.       If you are having problems always restart! A restart can work wonders and I can’t count the number of times students bring me an issue with their laptop, I do a restart…. walla! It works! Problem fixed. Even if you are in doubt do a restart!


2.       Shut your computer down every day and don’t leave it on! Just like you it helps to give it some down time and saves on battery life, motors, fans etc. Also, restarting it the next day gives it a new beginning!


3.       If a program or function freezes up on the mac and you see the spinning rainbow press: option/command/escape all at the same time. This will give you the option to force quit the application that is having difficulties opening.


Thanks and have a great week! J


Sheila Litke

Garden County Schools

Technology Coordinator


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