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All over the world, teachers lead their students to computer labs and let them loose with the command to “do some research on the Internet.” They may assign their class topics and give all kinds of helpful advice about that to look for. There is a better way. Why not capture, save and share all that information? Icyte.com is a research book marking tool. It’s similar in some ways to social bookmarking tools, such as Diigo and Delicious, except that those tools emphasize the social aspects of finding other users with common interests, whereas, iCyte assumes teams of students already have a common research task and quickly facilitates sharing and collaboration. It is free for educators and students! Here is the scoop:


·  What is iCyte? iCyte is a web research management tool that lets you save and annotate entire webpages. Much better than bookmarks, it lets you highlight the most useful text directly on the saved webpage, tag, search, comment, and securely share your saved content with others.

Click here to learn more about icyte’s features: http://www.icyte.com/users/activity_public#features



What Web Browsers does iCyte work with?

  • Mozilla Firefox 3.0 onwards
  • Internet Explorer 7 onwards
  • Safari 4.0 onwards
  • Google Chrome

What content can you annotate using iCyte?

Any HTML or PDF file that you can access using your web browser can be annotated. Some of the webpages our users have annotated include:

  • Newspaper articles
  • Technical documentation
  • Knowledgebase articles
  • Confirmation screens for ordering products (flights, hotels, books, ...)
  • Product reviews
  • Youtube videos

Tutorial on installing and using http://www.icyte.com/help.html



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Garden County Schools

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