Positive Behavior Support at GCE

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Fall Update for Parents


GCE is focusing on catching students doing things right! Research supports that specific praise of desired behaviors increases their occurrence. GCE staff is using a variety of techniques to accomplish this goal and increase self-disciplined learners. Here is a list of what is happening and expected to occur this semester:

  • Weekly Discipline With Purpose (DWP) skill lessons are taught by homeroom teachers; the first being the six steps of listening. Skills are practiced throughout the day.
  • Homeroom teachers hold class meetings (using the Boys’ Town Model) to discuss items of interest and areas that need attention.
  • Each grade level has a Progress Folder they take to specials (art, music, PE, & library) for teachers to record behavior progress.
  • Teachers are encouraged to phone parents weekly with reports of positive behaviors.
  • All students have Honor Cards that they receive punches for appropriate and positive behavior.
  • A monthly Menu of Options is available for students to redeem points earned on their Honor Cards (e.g.: extra recess or lunch time, eating in special areas of the building. Wii time, class pizza parties, student aid time in other classrooms, possible homework waivers with teacher permission, etc.).
  • All staff are attending workshops this semester to learn more about promoting positive behaviors in our school.

Our teachers believe that all kids come to school trying to do their best and that is our job to help them succeed! If you have any input on how we can help your child be more successful, please let us know!