GCJR/SR HIGH Teacher End of Year Checkout
Teacher End of Year Checkout Form

Teacher Name: 


All students tests, papers material, etc. returned?  Yes  No

All grades finalized?     Yes     No

Purchase orders for next year turned in?     Yes       No

Textbook inventory on a shared google doc?        Yes    No

Coach's inventory on a shared google doc?       Yes    No

School keys checked in?        Yes    No

Do you need any keys replaced for next year?      Yes         No

List keys

Have you paid all bills owed to GCS?        Yes    No

Have you turned in all GCS money that you have collected for books, fine, materials, etc?

Yes No

Have you turned in your laptop or filled out the summer checkout form?   Yes    No

Have you turned in all ipads, ipods, gps and video cameras to Ms. Litke?  Yes   No 

Have you checked in all books and equipment, or accounted for all items?   Yes    No

Have all books and equipment been properly inventoried on a shared google doc and stored for summer cleaning?     Yes   No

Has inventory been completed on a shared google doc?  Yes No

Have you blown out (with canned air) cleaned the filter and covered with trash bag the ceiling projector?

 Yes  No

Do you plan to move on the salary schedule next year?    Yes    No

If you answered yes to the above question have you turned in the official transcripts? Yes No 

Professional growth points filled out and turned in?   Yes     No

Have you turned in your custodial summer request list?  Yes     No

Have you turned in your vocabulary lists and strategies for teaching vocab?   Yes No

Have you discussed summer professional  development with your building administrator? 

Yes No


Book Keeper: 

Book Keeper Approval:

Approved         Denied




Administrator Name:  

Administrator Approved:    Yes   No