Music - Ms. Holloway
Welcome to Music!

Beth Holloway K-12 Music Director
and Drama Coach
Garden County Schools
7:46-8:36: Junior High Music (MF: JH Choir/TWTh: JH Band)
9:45-10:33: High School Choir
10:35-11:23: High School Band
12:05-1:00: Beginning Band (6th Grade)
1:30-2:00: 2nd Grade Music (MWF)/3rd Grade Music (TTh)
2:00-2:30: Kindergarten Music (MWF)/1st Grade Music (TTh)
2:45-3:20: 5th Grade Music (MWF)/4th Grade Music (TTh)
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About Ms. Holloway:
Besides playing music and teaching I enjoy listening to my records at home. I am a huge fan of classic rock and 60s/70s rock. I am in love with kayaking, in both the lake and river, and I have two dogs and a cat at home. 

I have been teaching at Garden County Schools for 9 years now. I am proud of my students and how far they have come over the years. They are passionate about music and it shows through their singing and playing everyday in class.