With this being homecoming week, it is a perfect opportunity to celebrate all the amazing support we receive from our local patrons, business owners, parents, alumni, and parents! A community as small as this would simply not thrive without the dedicated individuals who support Garden County Schools and its students!


          So many folks are behind the scenes in the planning for this week, it is impossible to mention everyone’s names! It certainly does take a village to pull off a week filled with so much fun for everyone. Garden County Schools are grateful for all the time and effort given by the Homecoming Committee and others involved in making it such an enjoyable event!


          Our GCHS students are planning to ‘give back’ by providing community service this week. We are always looking for opportunities to teach our students how important service to others is. Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have worthy projects that will engage them in our community in the future.


          The Arnett Express is a local treasure in Garden County. Our students are fortunate to have this opportunity and we are thankful to Bill and Gladys for all they do! Our Kindergarten class just loves to ride the train each year in the parade.


          Soon, the GCJH students will begin their fall candy fundraising event. Our GCE and GCJH students get purple pride T-shirts from the proceeds of this annual event. Field trips are largely funded by the profits from the upcoming fundraiser as well.


          A school system is truly only as strong as the community it is located in...a HUGE THANK YOU goes out to everyone who helps keep us vibrant! We appreciate you all!


-Dr. Paula Sissel,

Superintendent/Elementary Principal