Rural Electric Youth Workshop
Rural Electric Youth Workshop
Posted on 04/07/2017
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In order to earn the privilege of attending, Alex had to fill out an application, have attended a Youth Workshop put on by REC/ NREA in 2016, and write a 500 word application essay

During his stay, Alex will be visiting many places of historical interest including Gettysburg, PA, Church at the Washington Basilica, Ford’s Theatre, and many other monuments.

Alex attends Garden County High School, and he is involved in band.  He  is also involved in 4-H and his job in the community. Alex would like to thank NREA for opening up this avenue and Wheatbelt for informing him about this opportunity as well as the one last summer.

The following is Alex’s essay.

The Public Power District operates on the Touchstone Energy four core values by having owner members look out for other members. The touchstone 4 core values are integrity, adherence to a code of moral, artistic or other values, Next is accountability, which means being accountable for their actions, after accountability we have innovation which is production of something new as a new idea method or device And finally we have committed to the community which is exactly how it sounds like they're committed to the communities they serve.

        The core value I feel is the most important is integrity and this is why I think that. Foremost: integrity works with accountability hand in hand. Furthermore integrity will, a lot of the time, lead to innovation. Finally, but not least, integrity means that you are willing to work with your community and keep them with you.

        If a company has integrity this can lead to accountability of the company’s actions towards their customers, employees and their business partners.

        A company having good integrity and accountability then goes on to innovation; looking for new and better ways to service their customers, help their employees and business partners.

        Now, having integrity, accountability and innovation a company then becomes committed to the local community by being a good service provider, a good employee, and a good business partner, thus a community commitment is born. Now ways for the company to assist the community with local events and such happen. (Fix this one)

        If you are willing to work hand in hand with accountability you are honest which is part of the definition of integrity. Are you willing to be seen as innovative well sometimes honesty leads to innovation. Do you want be committed to your community well you need to be honest with them to keep them coming back.

        Integrity means that you are willing tell the truth which then makes you accountable. If you are accountable you are willing to take responsibility, willing to admit your wrongs along side you rights and willing to make amends. Integrity also leads you to innovation. If you are innovative you will be honest on what went wrong and go out and fix it, change it, or improve it, whatever ‘it’ may be. When you are innovative you will find new methods and ways before they are needed and possibly be a few steps ahead of everyone else: so if you make a mistake you go back and fix it before it gets too bad. Next, integrity is to be committed to the communities in which you serve. If you are not honest you will not be able to keep your lifeblood, your paying customers, because they will see you as a liar and cheat. So you are committed to the communities meaning you are going to share new news good or bad for better or worse. Also you are willing to work with your paying members as to keep you going and help both yourself and your paying members and you will do as much as in you power to keep your members because you are committed to your community because of your integrity.

        Why is integrity so important I wonder? Well I think integrity is so important because it is what will make or break you. If you do not have integrity you will not have your job. Why do I say this? Well because integrity works hand in hand with accountability, drives the process of innovation, and strengthens your commitment to your communities, they are you lifeblood and you need them.