Posted on 03/28/2017

The Garden County FFA has had a very successful year and are looking forward to attending the Nebraska State FFA Convention.  Fifteen students will be representing Garden County FFA at the state convention.  These are listed below:

Food Science Team

  • Megan Dormann

  • Peyton Stanczyk

  • Brexton Robertson

  • Shaun Richards

Senior Livestock Judging Team

  • Kayleen Sullivan

  • Brexton Robertson

  • Kara Barnhart

  • Madi Leach

Agriscience Team

  • Kenny Barringer

  • Zach Evans

  • Camden Robertson

  • Austin Dormann

Hall of Chapter Team

  • Alissa Miller as well as Courtesy Corp

  • Memorie Richards as well as Courtesy Corp

  • MacKenzie Richards as well as Chapter Delegate

  • Jaedon Ross as well as Chapter Delegate

Below is a list of Ribbon winners for all the district contest.


Junior Public Speaking

  • Shaun Richards - Red Ribbon

  • Jacob Iverson - White Ribbon

Creed Speaking

  • Kara Barnhart - Blue Ribbon

  • Camden Robertson - White Ribbon

Employment Skills

  • Madi Leach - Red Ribbon

  • Chris Sciortino - Red Ribbon

Agriculture Demonstration

  • Boys Team demonstrated how to wire different kind of electrical circuits.  Members of the team were Hayden Riedel, Wyatt Santero, Osvaldo Cano, and Drake Yates - Red Ribbon

  • Girls Team demonstrated how to set up a fairy garden.  Members of the team were Alissa Miller, Memorie Richards, Megan Doraman, Jeadon Ross, and MacKenzie Richards - Red Ribbon



  • Peyton Stanczyk - Purple Ribbon for placing second in GMAW Welding IMG_3036.JPG


    Food Science - First Place as a Team received the winning plaque - State Qualifying

    • Megan Dormann - 1st Place Individual - Winner’s Plaque

    • Peyton Stanczyk - 2nd Place Individual - Purple Ribbon

    • Brexton Robertson - 3rd Place Individual - Purple Ribbon

    • Shaun Richards

    Senior Livestock Judging - Fourth Place as a Team - White Ribbon - State Qualifying

    • Kayleen Sullivan - Red Ribbon

    • Brexton Robertson - Red Ribbon

    • Madi Leach

    • Kara Barnhart

    Junior Livestock Judging

    • Kayden Kramer - White Ribbon

    • Kenny Barringer - White Ribbon

    • IMG_3261.JPG

      also part of the team and pictured but didn’t earn a ribbon are Jaedon Ross and Camden Robertson

      Agriscience -Team received a Red Ribbon - State Qualifying

      • Kara Barnhart - 1st place individual - Purple Ribbon

      • Madi Leach - White Ribbon

      • Kenny Barringer - White Ribbon

      • Zach Evans

      • Camden Robertson

      • Austin Dormann

      Biotechnology - Third place as a team - Blue Ribbon

      • Peyton Stanczyk - Blue Ribbon

      • Memorie Richards - White Ribbon

      • Megan Dormann - White Ribbon

      • Alissa Miller



      Meats Judging

      • Drake Yate - White Ribbon


       also part of the team and pictured but didn’t earn a ribbon are Chris Sciortino, Jacob Iverson, and Shaun Richards

      As well as preparing for the State FFA Convention students are applying for officer positions for next year, Chapter Degrees, Greenhand Degrees, and revisiting their Supervised Agricultural Experiences (SAE).  Members of the FFA are required to be enrolled in an agriculture class each year, complete an SAE, and they compete in the FFA events.  All three of these areas prepare our students for their future careers.  The Garden County FFA chapter is looking into some community service project and continuing the greenhouse to cafeteria program throughout the summer.


      Twenty three of our twenty seven members competed at the Career Development Events in Kimball and are picture above.

      Back row left to right:

      Drake Yates, Alisa Miller, Austin Dormann, Kayleen Sullivan, Peyton Stanczyk, MacKenzie Richards, Osvaldo Cano, Zach Evans, Brexton Robertson, Wyatt Santero, Hayden Reidel, and Kenny Barringer,

      Middle row:

      Memorie Richards, Megan Dormann, Kara Barnhart, Madi Leach, and Jaedon Ross

      Front row:

      Camden Robertson, Shaun Richards, Brooke Kramer, and Kayden Kramer