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Educational Insights 3.20.2017
Posted on 03/20/2017

          Emotional health refers to a set of social and emotional competencies and beliefs, including self-esteem, self-awareness, empathy, emotional regulation, and relationship skills. All of these are important in dealing with daily life and challenges, but also help support children and positive family relationships.

          How can parents foster good emotional health within their families? Here are some tips that may seem like small acts, but can make a big difference in relationships and communication among family members.

          ~Keep each other in mind.  Stay tuned into what is going on with everyone, check in with how things are going on a daily basis.

          ~Have regular whole-family time.  Set aside time to spend together and plan fun activities as a family. It does not require anything extravagant, just something that promotes play together.

          ~Find individual time with fellow family members.  We need to maintain our individual relationships, also. One-on-one time with each person in the family provides for time to check in on how they are and tune into what is going on with them individually.

          ~Spend meal times together whenever possible.  Try to have at least one meal a day with each other. Sharing food is an important social activity and provides time to communicate without screens or phones turned on.

          ~Listen to each other.  Active listening is harder than it might seem, but can make a significant difference in how we feel we are valued. It encourages the idea that each person’s voice matters equally.

          ~Encourage and model open, honest feelings.  It is important for children to understand we cannot be happy all the time and that it is not emotionally healthy to hold in feelings of frustration, anger, or jealousy. Expressing a wide range of emotionally in a healthy way acknowledges it is normal to have discomfort in our lives.

          ~Take time for yourself.  Good emotional health starts with you. It is impossible to support others if we are not in tune with our own feelings. Do things to nurture your own well being. By taking good care of yourself, you are better able to give out to other aspects of our lives.

(Taken from: Emotionally Healthy Families Are Happy Families    

-Dr. Paula Sissel

Garden County Schools

Superintendent/Elementary Principal