Family Boundaries-A Great Gift!
Posted on 12/12/2011

Youth are more likely to grow up healthy when families have clear rules and consequences, and monitor young people’s whereabouts.

Tips that make setting boundaries easier:

  • Make boundaries positive, simple, & within reason.
  • Adjust boundaries as your child becomes older.
  • Help children understand that some rules change as brothers & sisters reach different ages.
  • Let your child earn more freedoms as he or she shows more responsibility.
  • Tell your children why you chose the boundaries you have.

Here are some suggested Discipline Dos & Don’ts:

DO: notice & comment when your child does something well (be specific); create specific & relevant consequences; respond as quickly as you notice a violation; respond consistently; make sure your child understands the reason he or she receives a consequence; be consistent by setting the same standards for boys & girls.

DON’T: only notice your child when he or she violates a standard; use threats; use physical punishment; attach or ridicule your child; manipulate your child with shame, humiliation, or guilt; use labels, such as “You’re lazy: or “You’re such a slob.”; notice the violation of a rule at some times & not at others.

     Giving the gifts of consistency, structure, and limits will reap benefits throughout their entire lives! Put them on your lists…

Dr. Paula Sissel

Superintendent/Elementary Principal